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So, if MOBILE was hosting a party, would you be invited?

To qualify for this party all you have to do is this:

At you company, simply think mobile first! By doing this, you won't only get an invite; mobile will be your best friend! So come along - there's room for all.

Not only is our mobile experience getting better and more engaging; our lives are getting better and more engaging.

Mobile makes us international

Being a global citizen doesn't only mean our business' gets more exposure, but our personal lives do to! Last night I skyped a family member in Europe who was celebrating her birthday just before I headed out to dinner. Returning back home I jumped on Facebook and saw a few pics from the birthday lunch with all the family. I have never been so close to family overseas, especially considering , we only see each other every few years.

It's no different in business really, though there is still a slight preference for services to be delivered locally, when dealing with products, it's fair game wherever you are. Mobile makes us seamless in business to a degree, and more international, so take advantage already!

Of the 7 billion people on the planet, 4.8 billion have a mobile device and only 4.2 billion have a toothbrush...yuk but true (according to The Age newspaper).

Mobile, a print marketer's dream

Despite what people think, it's a print marketer's dream at the moment where the bridge between print and digital is getting very close and our mobile devices are the key. In the last 12 months I've worked on integrating QR codes, interactive print media in the shape of 3D product modelling not to mention augmented reality, all focused around the delivering a more tailored experience for people on a mobile device. To think that traditional and print media is dead is just plain stupid. We as humans simply expect as much from print as we do from online these days. So, with a little work from you the marketer, there is no reason we can't make this happen. Get working and think mobile!

"Flipping through a magazine is a beautiful experience, a website still doesn't quite do that, we should at least attempt to though, mobile is helping our attempts." - John Battelle @ Internet Week NYC.

Know your market

Native advertising for mobile devices can be annoying because you feel as if you have to do advertising for Apple's iOS, Android, etc. mobile display ads, websites, etc. so it's imperative to know your market and play to the majority (or minority if that's your thing) - but please for heavens sake, do mobile (refer to mobile market share below for your country).

Try building a web app instead

If you find there is an even share of the market between Android and Apple’s iOS, then trying building web apps instead, that way you can test the waters before you investing too much in them.

If Google's doing it, so should you

At New York's internet week, both Blake Whitman (Vimeo) & Jane Hu (YouTube) boasted how over 20% of their market interacted via a mobile device, David Karp (Co-founder of Tumblr) said mobile dominated their site, Google whose mentality is now all about mobile first, not to mention eBay, Twitter et al. all publicly claim that mobile is what's propelling their companies forward.

Quick tips for mobile marketing

1. Free mobile platforms: All major players in the social media space (YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest, etc) have some of the most user friendly mobile sites available; use their mobile platform to your advantage and use their sites as your landing page. Expedient; efficient, efficient.
2. Web based apps first: Always opt for web based apps as opposed to device based apps, they are a great way to reduce costs and ensure that’ll work regardless of device type.
3. Mobile landing now, mobile site later: So, you already use QR codes; they will be scanned by mobile devices, obvious right? Well just make sure you at least have a mobile landing page for it. At the very least have a page that loads quickly and is mobile friendly. This way you don't have to spend big on a mobile site, simply develop a mobile landing page using JQuery mobile.
4. Plan now for a mobile/responsive site: It won't be long before mobile is the number one way we access the net, I already find it frustrating when websites haven't catered for my browsing experience. I wonder how long before we're penalised for not having a mobile site?



Still not convinced? Watch this and welcome on board...

Mobile market share; are you marketing
to the right OS & device, in the right country?

The mobile market share around the world, click to enlarge.
View original mobile market share post by Gregory Lyons.

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