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Coles & Woolies Vs Kogan Pantry?

  Isn't it funny how in the online space, the biggest threats typically comes from the most unlikely sources. Coles and Woolworths have been so pre-occupied with holding market share against relatively newcomer Aldi that they may have fallen even further behind, online at least. Cue Kogan Pantry. In a strike of (what initially looks to be) genius, Ruslan Kogan the independent online king of electrical goods, now seems to be moving in on new territory, tackling our pantries! Ok so 'threat' was maybe a little loosely used earlier and though Kogan has promised to offer half price 'pantry' goods in an attempt to save us money at the till, an initial offering of only 600 products isn't really going to do much as far as market share goes. I just love the fact that the likes of Kogan Pantry , Instacart , GroceryRun and co. are managing to shake things up in this space. What does this mean for the industry? Initially, not a great deal, even global gia