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3D Body Scanning and the Rise of Mass Customisation

When 3D body scanning technology was first implemented at airports security counters around the world, there was an uproar and many of us kicked up a stink about not really having a choice when it came to giving up our  privacy . The way I see it is, it isn't an issue when we knowingly give it up, the problem is when we're forced to give privacy up, or it is taken without our knowledge or consent.  A little about the 3D body scanners tap to enlarge These 3D body scanning pods developed by  mPort  emerged in May 2014 at Sydney shopping complex after a 12 month trial. The pods require only underwear and take 30 seconds to capture your body measurements, replacing the need for a tailor’s old fashioned measuring tape and mannequin.  The avatar created ( and stored ) can then be used to purchase clothes online, knowing full well that they will be a perfect fit. The benefit Aside from the stored measurement and health tracking; Husbands, boyfriends and partn