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Consciousness Vs Intelligence - The Future of Work

" As long as consciousness and intelligence go hand in hand, which is more important, will always be a popular discussion point for philosophers. With the pace that technology at today, it's quickly becoming an urgent political and economic issue. " - Yuval Noah Harari, Author.  After watching a robust panel discussion about the future of work last week, it got me thinking... Is there enough of a debate, of the ethical impact of technology? We are not only developing intelligence but a form of intelligence that is no longer reliant on consciousness. Whether it's playing games or driving cars, a computer via machine learning can now evaluate patterns better than we can. This has the potential to make us and our usefulness, about as redundant as the horse and carriage. If intelligence is compulsory, is consciousness nonessential...? The fact is, companies all over the world are already valuing intelligence more highly than consciousness. Is it really

It's Been a While, Let Me Explain...

So, I suddenly wake up and realise. I missed most of 2015. Not to mention all of 2016 and 17. My last post (here at least),  was mid-2015... In technological terms, that's about 3 decades. Like many things, life got in the way, yadda, yadda, yadda, now here we are about to sign off on 2017. Here are some of the events I missed, during that time: SpaceX  lands the Falcon 9 rocket - the first reusable rocket Scientists discover a previously unknown species of early human in South Africa known as  Homo naledi  Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is born while B.B. King, Jackie Collins and one my heroes Ron Clarke died Our smartphones started to sense pressure Driverless cars were being tested on our roads Apple Watch and Apple Pay is released Scientists culture brain matter in a lab 1 Bitcoin was worth about $500 and finally being accepted by some banks North Korea starts annoying the UN No ones thinks for a second, that Donald Trump could actually be preside