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The Marketing Funnel - Brand & Value Proposition

In my opinion, educating people about your brand and value proposition at every stage of the marketing experience/funnel, is just as important as conversion, in fact more so. Many B2B and even B2C marketers however, struggle to see past the ' what does this mean for sales'  angle, which is of course the easier measurable to side with. The Funnel In essence 'the funnel' is about: marketing, automation, lead management, demand generation and lastly sales. TOP Attract - to draw potential customers towards you Increased brand awareness Targeted display / banner adverting Delivery of messaging and value proposition (VP) Drive website traffic Educate (brand & VP) MIDDLE Engage & Nurture - a series of communications to help the person know, like, follow and trust you: Drive content engagement Social advertising Boost form conversions & harvesting relevant details Increasing page views & visits Educate (brand & VP)