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Alibaba Vs Amazon - The battle of the online retailers

image credit: Not since Rocky lined up against the Russian, has there been a bigger East vs West battle brewing, as the online retailers Alibaba and Amazon get ready to do battle. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be exciting for consumers and investors alike. Based on my recent dealings with Alibaba , they need a serious boost in their communication with clients, to be in the same league as the American giant. So far, the score for me, is 6 – 1 in favour of  Amazon  (it's a soccer/football reference, so 5 goals is a fair drubbing). It will be interesting to see where Alibaba invests, as it moves into a stage of hyperactivity of acquisition. Looking merely at the IPO or potential profits, you might be quick to side with the newcomer, but don't be fooled, to get ahead of Amazon , Alibaba will have to make some changes. Have you tried buying something from Alibaba ...eek! What I believe it will come down to for the two juggernauts: 1. Customer expe

The Marketing Funnel - Brand & Value Proposition

In my opinion, educating people about your brand and value proposition at every stage of the marketing experience/funnel, is just as important as conversion, in fact more so. Many B2B and even B2C marketers however, struggle to see past the ' what does this mean for sales'  angle, which is of course the easier measurable to side with. The Funnel In essence 'the funnel' is about: marketing, automation, lead management, demand generation and lastly sales. TOP Attract - to draw potential customers towards you Increased brand awareness Targeted display / banner adverting Delivery of messaging and value proposition (VP) Drive website traffic Educate (brand & VP) MIDDLE Engage & Nurture - a series of communications to help the person know, like, follow and trust you: Drive content engagement Social advertising Boost form conversions & harvesting relevant details Increasing page views & visits Educate (brand & VP)

3D Body Scanning and the Rise of Mass Customisation

When 3D body scanning technology was first implemented at airports security counters around the world, there was an uproar and many of us kicked up a stink about not really having a choice when it came to giving up our  privacy . The way I see it is, it isn't an issue when we knowingly give it up, the problem is when we're forced to give privacy up, or it is taken without our knowledge or consent.  A little about the 3D body scanners tap to enlarge These 3D body scanning pods developed by  mPort  emerged in May 2014 at Sydney shopping complex after a 12 month trial. The pods require only underwear and take 30 seconds to capture your body measurements, replacing the need for a tailor’s old fashioned measuring tape and mannequin.  The avatar created ( and stored ) can then be used to purchase clothes online, knowing full well that they will be a perfect fit. The benefit Aside from the stored measurement and health tracking; Husbands, boyfriends and partn

What will wholesalers and the dodo, soon have in common?

The Dodo didn’t become extinct when food was a plenty, its inability to plan for the future and adapt in an ever evolving world is the reason it is now extinct. If wholesalers don’t stop being so naive about where manufacturing is heading and at least start trying to evolve, they will meet the same fate as the Dodo. In a time where digital offers tracking and efficiencies and can’t be ignored or where 3D printing is becoming cheaper every day and where machines talk to people, people to machines and machines to machines ( M2M ); in a land where internet rules and where we, as customers are getting back the power; wholesalers better shape up or ship out! Customers are more aware of business behaviour when it comes to purchasing. It’s no secret that wholesalers are essentially in the business of making money as a middle man. Though there is nothing wrong with that, we are just asking you – the wholesaler – to offer us something more. Shape the incentives for people who don&

Did Samsung finally get it right?! (an Apple story)

I was on my phone whilst watching TV on a Wednesday night, when my attention was drawn to a commercial that used a quote from one of my favourite films of the 80s, Dead Poet’s Society. Intrigued by the ad, I quickly established it was an ad for a tablet. As I allowed myself to feel inspired by its vibe I thought to myself, " Samsung, you finally got it right!".   Emotions continued to stir, as I quickly spared a thought for the lonely Galaxy tablet I had in my bottom draw at work and the lack of respect I had given it. Then the quote from Walt Whitman begins, as do the chills, I think to myself, " Thank you Samsung",  followed by " What is my verse going to be?". The ad concludes with the following... “... Apple. I should have known. ” I whisper. Considering Samsung spent more than triple what Apple did on advertising in 2013; I would say, Samsung is likely to get there eventually, but will they ever get it as right as this ad?