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When creating a keywords list, try think outside the square and don’t just put keyword combinations together. A key meeting of words If you’re in the digital space and are in the process of building a list of keywords, try (if you can) set a meeting or at least brainstorm with other folks in the communications team, products & services team as well as customer service team. Don’t block out any input and encourage the creative keywords and phrases to flow by listing merely the basics; as you may find creativity, is the first to suffer when the building of keywords becomes ‘processed’. Keep an eye on the competition Even if you are the best in your field, chances are that the competition have copied keywords off you and either improved on or developed phrases, which work a treat. So keeping an eye on the competition (both direct & indirect) is always a great idea. Be sure to look for and gather keywords from:   page titles (incl. H1, H2, etc), descriptions, key