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The Best Top 10 Tech Tips!

There is nothing like knowing a good computer shortcut that helps you do things a little faster. It turns out though, most of these aren’t common knowledge, so here they are, my top 10! 1. Charge your smart phone quicker and smarter [MOBILE DEVICE] Heading out in a few minutes and your phone's flat? Switch to 'Airplane Mode' and plug it in to charge. It'll do a high speed charge that will give you those extra few minutes you beg for sometimes. 2. Save time and space-bar to scroll! [DESKTOP] Please stop reaching for that mouse to scroll up or down when you're browsing the net, simply tap the space-bar to go down or Shift + space-bar to scroll up. Yes, this will also work on a MAC or any computer with a browser. So go on, try it. 3. Bigger/smaller text  [DESKTOP] Another one for when you're on the web and the text or image is too small. Hold down the Control button (Command   on Mac) and tap the plus (+) button to zoom in. To zoom out, just hold