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Are you invisible to Google mobile?

Don't have a mobile/responsive site yet? Oops, you stuffed up. April 21, 2015 doesn't only mark 81 years that people have been looking for the famous Loch Ness monster , but more importantly for some business',  it marks the end of you site showing up on Google's mobile search. So if you haven't yet come to the 'mobile party' and optimised your website via either a mobile or responsive site, your website will be harder to find on Google than catching a glimpse of Nessy herself! Starting today, Google expanded their use of 'mobile-friendliness' as a ranking signal . This is an attempt to assist users to find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are essentially optimised for their device. They (Google) did give us fair warning on their blog at the start of the year so if you've been caught out, well, you're probably ranking where you should be. Remember this old post from 2012 about where I was pleading wi