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Alibaba Vs Amazon - The battle of the online retailers

image credit: Not since Rocky lined up against the Russian, has there been a bigger East vs West battle brewing, as the online retailers Alibaba and Amazon get ready to do battle. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be exciting for consumers and investors alike. Based on my recent dealings with Alibaba , they need a serious boost in their communication with clients, to be in the same league as the American giant. So far, the score for me, is 6 – 1 in favour of  Amazon  (it's a soccer/football reference, so 5 goals is a fair drubbing). It will be interesting to see where Alibaba invests, as it moves into a stage of hyperactivity of acquisition. Looking merely at the IPO or potential profits, you might be quick to side with the newcomer, but don't be fooled, to get ahead of Amazon , Alibaba will have to make some changes. Have you tried buying something from Alibaba ...eek! What I believe it will come down to for the two juggernauts: 1. Customer expe