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3 Simple Rules for Perfect Email Etiquette

So everyone thinks they have good email etiquette, but by jeez aren't there just too many emails flying around with no consideration given to etiquette! So what exactly is email etiquette? In its simplest form, email etiquette is basically how we conduct ourselves via email. How to exercise good email etiquette Exercising good email etiquette is actually pretty simple. 1. Be nice! If you think you’re not going to be, write it up, save it and consider sending it in an hour or at a later date, when you have calmed down. 2. Add a greeting Always use a greeting, Hi, Hello, Hey, etc. unless you intentionally intend on being rude in which case, simply state the person’s name. I hate it when people do that, sadly it's done too often and even worse, it’s these people who think they have good email etiquette. Being succinct is just as important as being as detailed as required. Some people take this too far by leaving not only the greeting off, but the person’s name