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A Marketing Lesson From Birthing Classes

There's something about being entirely responsible for the life of a baby, that makes you do the job well...completely. I recently attended a range of birthing classes. Other than these classes being completely frightening and teaching you how to best look after your baby, they teach you how to take care of another baby…your brand. Ask the right questions Something that all marketers and parents alike must learn to do, is ask the right questions. The parental class kicked off with the acronym B.R.A.I.N. This acronym can be applied to any campaign and/or new technology under consideration (as well as holding you in good stead, when your partner is in labour). Once you have established the objective and budget, remember B.R.A.I.N ! B – Benefits : What are the benefits to the brand or department? This is normally a snug fit around the objective(s), which should remain front of mind at all times. R – Risks : What risks or potential disadvantages may be invo