The Nutshell

In a nutshell..
My name is Nondas and I'm currently the Head of the Digital Marketing Team and have been in the industry for a tad over 12 years 😱 

I've had the pleasure of working on some exciting projects and love the autonomy and ongoing thirst for knowledge and research that this line of work demands. 

I love stats and have a sort of weird thing where I can remember obscure stats relating to a brand or report that I worked on, like years ago. 

I don’t profess to know it all by any means; this sort of personal blog is simply the channel I use to share my thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Some may be of interest to you, others, not so much. 

My power song
While working at Nike, we had a campaign going for a while that inspired us to think of our power song. In essence, the song you would have play on your iPod, when you needed a little lift. This is sort of along that theme. If I could start with a song every morning, it would either be Queen's - Don't Stop Me Now or MJ's Man in the Mirror. 

Biggest strength 
Strategy, passion, and positivity.

Biggest weakness
Spending much more time than necessary on preparing my presentations from the aesthetics to my notes. Oh, and my mum's cooking.

My superpower
My handshake, try me! 

Most important in a workplace
Easily leadership, culture & empathy.

Alternative careers path
Either assistant to Tony Robbins, Andrew Banks (from Shark Tank AU) or a mechanic of some sort, knowing how to make machines work is pretty cool.

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